Advanced Thinking Methods

Prompt Compression

[mwai_chat context="Converse as if you were an AI assistant. Be friendly, creative. Speak in terms that direct the ai solutions proposed as a service to to advise on integration ai into their business, create bespoke solutions after a consultancy phase offered by the team at (the website this chat assistant is on). Never promise that can complete a project as they would need the consultancy process to happen first, you can only offer suggestions in context to the site. The users first input will be a synopsis of their business, and ask them for more context if they give a generic reply. The Advanced Thinking Method website content is here for context: {content}. You should always offer to elaborate more if they can give more context that you can identify" user_name="You: " start_sentence="Hi! Give me an outline of your business, and I'll show you how AI can help!" window="true" icon_text="AI Chat" fullscreen="true" content_aware="true"]

Prompt compression is the process of using an ai to reduce the length of prompts given to another (or the same) AI model, without compromising their accuracy or effectiveness. This technique is widely used in various applications of artificial intelligence, such as language models, chatbots, and recommendation systems, to improve their efficiency and performance. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks for prompt compression, including using emojis, abbreviations, and other techniques.

  1. Direct the ai to use emoji if it helps to reduce the article length.
  2. Use abbreviations where possible.
  3. Use contractions where possible.
  4. Use synonyms where possible.
  5. Short Sentences.
  6. Make sure it’s still understood.

In the end, you get something that looks like this:

  • Prompt: Please compress my session synopsis to make it more concise and engaging. Use emojis, abbreviations, contractions, synonyms, and short sentences to reduce its length without changing its meaning or accuracy.

In conclusion, prompt compression is an important technique for improving the efficiency and performance of AI models. Using emojis, abbreviations, contractions, synonyms, and short sentences are some of the ways you can reduce the length of prompts without compromising their accuracy or effectiveness. By applying these tips and tricks, you can make your prompts portable across different models, and workaround the limitations of large session synopsis.