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I’m Matt Laws. Welcome to Advanced Thinking Methods, where we can unlock the massive potential of artificial intelligence for you. AI is an extremely valuable resource for multiple use cases supporting business operations.

Our goal is to help you adapt to the evolving needs and challenges of your business, leveraging the latest AI technologies, and to assist your team with minimal onboarding impact.

We believe that AI is not just a tool, but a strategic asset that can transform businesses and create an informed, intelligent future of hyper-personalised AI assisted support. Let us help you navigate the world of AI and achieve success

Applied ingenuity


Custom AI Assistants

We create contextual AI that is trained to produce support to team members in areas identified known for high value time saving returns.

  • Create SME with expansive knowledge
  • Create training resources from documentation
  • Aid content creators with trained AI supplying an endless, quality feed of content in context of your goals
  • Create documentation for varied competencies
  • Improve communications with AI email response creation with company ethos baked in
  • Create a personal trainer that challenges your boundaries of knowledge through skill hybridisation
  • Create intelligently crafted summaries at speed
  • Train AI assistants with competitor data, and ask for SWOT style reports
  • Create actionable summaries from the minutes of the meeting in seconds
  • Podcast transcription & summary (Voice to text)

Back office automations

There are innumerable tasks that can be automated. Here’s are some typical use cases.


  • CRM & CMS automations
  • Get alerts in context when actions are needed
  • Get new emails for a department routed to an SME depending on context
  • Integrate media monitoring alerts
  • Link data points, activity from the sales funnel in one location
  • Watch task completion, status, activity from Time Management systems
  • Create event triggers, alerting departments by case
  • Image Upscaling
  • Create personalised responses to emails, and update tickets automatically

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